Welcome to Kinetic Belting

We pride ourselves on our ambitions of perfection not only in the quality of our product and service, but also in the way we present ourselves to our customers from answering your call to working on your premises and abiding by your rules we will go the extra mile to ensure that when we have completed our task you will have no hesitation in asking for our services the next time you need help or advice.


Our approach is to quickly understand our clients' requirements and deliver a solution cost effectively and beyond expectations.

We are a motivated company with great ambition and belief in our product and with over 20 years in the belting industry we have the knowledge and experience to deliver all of our customers needs, we are based in Nottingham just 10 minutes away from the M1 motorway so whether you require a quote or you have an emergency breakdown we can be with you in a very fast response time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Lean Thinking

Six Sigma

To ensure maximum value for our customers, we at Kinetic Belting follow a manufacturing model known as Lean.

The goal of Lean is to maximise customer value through optimising the flow of products and services to minimise waste. This ensures maximum efficiency meaning we can pass on the quality benefits and cost savings on to our customers.